Saturday, July 5, 2008


...and I ain't got nobody. I got some money cause I just got paid."

I feel safe in admitting that I am home alone except for the 2 cats, because I don't think there is anyone left of the RangerReaders except Susie and Crystal and me. I need some comments. I feel like I'm talking to myself.

I cooked some rattlesnake beans (a kind of green bean) that I got at the farmer's market with some new potatoes, bacon and onion. I had this and a beefsteak tomato for supper. I think this was a better meal than anything I've had in a long time. Daddy used to grow this kind of green beans, and Mom would can them and we would have them all year. Best things in the world.

I've been eating out of the farmer's market for the past few weeks. Especially tomatoes. A good tomato sandwich will beat anything in the world--just Hellman's mayo and bread. I used to use Duke's mayo but I can't find it anymore.

Sometimes I vary my tomato sandwich. I add an onion or bacon or both. But most of the time it's just tomato. I make the slice of tomato as thick as the bread and I only use one piece of bread. I don't want anything to overwhelm the tomato.

I like the acidy tomatoes like Better Boys and Beefsteaks, not the sweet ones. I used to plant my own, but I had to quit when I messed up my back.

I'm watching TCM as usual. "3:10 to Yuma" is on, which I have seen many times, but there is always something new to notice. Van Heflin's hair look's funny. I think they have it all curled up to hide his receding hairline. I haven't seen Glenn Ford's hair, yet. He has had on a hat every minute of this movie. I didn't realize they got this story from an Elmore Leonard book. It looks like a John Ford movie, but much more dialogue than Ford.

I like dialogue in my movies. and acid in my tomatoes. Two things that I know on this Saturday night.


____Maggie said...

Don't forget me! I'm a ranger reader, too!

Have you watched the new 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe? Oh, my!

How can anyone be eating tomatoes yet!?! We have some, but they are as green as Kermit the Frog! We run through the garden and pick cherry tomatoes and pop 'em in our mouths, but real tomatoes, I'm still waiting! :)

queenbee said...

Man, those green beans sound delicious! My dad has a garden every summer, so I've been eating a lot of squash, just waiting for the peas, beans and okra.

jo ellen said...

maggie and queenbee--go to the farmers market in Senatobia. it's right past mCDonalds

Susie said...

"waving madly" I'm still here! Just been out on my trips you already know about. I think I still have TWO MORE BOOKS to review...or maybe just one. Hope Orange Beach is fun for you! It was fun for me!

jo ellen said...

It was great. so were your sugestions.