Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greg Iles' kind of woman, (girl)

I just read Turning Angel. And I have figured something out. You know how some male authors seem to get stuck on one look for a woman and you can tell--this is wishful thinking, baby. Like Ken Follett. All his heroines are short, muscular and have hourglass-shaped figures with dark red hair. He always makes a point to say that they do not have thin, model-like, fashionable figures.

Well, Greg Iles likes them young, honey. Really young. Compare the women in this book. The women under 18 are yummy. They are tan, muscular, "ghetto-booties," gorgeous, long-hair, and so intellectual that they are reading Paul Bowles and Anais Nin while waiting for cheerleader practice. There are some differences, some have long blond hair, some have long red hair, some have long luxurious brunette hair, but they all love the same kind of men--old-- and the same kind of sex--lots of it, in all directions, with all kinds of people, in all combinations.

Now lets look at the female characters between the ages of 18 and 60. There is always something wrong. The most common problem with these women is that they don't want enough sex. But the other problems are--they want sex with the wrong people, they have artificial boob jobs, facelifts, sun-damaged skin, droopy body parts, they spend too much money and they don't drop their entire lives to defer to their man's choice of lifestyle.

The women over 60 are ok because they are grandmothers and can babysit.

If I were Greg Ile's wife, I would be checking to see who is on his facebook page.

I think this is my last Greg Iles.


Signy said...

I love your sassy description and I believe you have the man pegged!
Thanks for the encouragement you left on my blog. I am now reading 'The Shack' and will post my opionion when I finish.

queenbee said...

Your descriptions are funny! I tend to agree, but I'd say most men have a problem with women 25 to 60, especially in this youth obssessed world we now live in.

Susie said...

Amen, sistah, preach on! It's a darn good thing that true contentment is found within ourselves 'cause if we chicks around 50 are waiting for a MAN to do that,we are in for a long wait. Unless, of course , we have access to 24 hour plastic surgery and botox. Hmmm, thinking I'll stick with the inner peace route, myself. HA!

jo ellen said...

so glad to hear from you. I am reading a chick book now. much more satisfying. Love among the Korean-Americans in Manhattan.

Tenise said...

This is how it is! Men are looking for a certain image. For many women, this is a lot of pressure to have a tight body. And, I know of women that have sex with the wrong people. Sad to say, the book is depicting how life really is.