Saturday, May 17, 2008

3 shows in ONE DAY

Terry and I are in Crossville, TN, the home of Cumberland Co. Playhouse, an excellent rep company. We saw "First Baptists of Ivy Gap" at 11:00, "Flight of the Lawnchair Man" (my favorite) at 2:30, and "Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming" at 7:30.

We also ate fantastic food at the Stonehaus Winery, and bought some wine. When we walked into the restaurant between shows Terry saw the television in the bar was on and she ran in. She has been worried about missing the Preakness, but it was just about to come on!! We sat at the bar and watched Big Brown turn on the afterburners. He passed the other horses like they were out for a Sunday stroll.

Meantime I am reading All the King's Men I have already finished Mudbound and really loved it. I will write about it later when I am not so tired out from sitting in a theatre all day. But I guess I should be used to that.


____Maggie said...

I love Crossville. I used to go to church camp there as a kid. Be careful on the road, like you wouldn't, right?

While traveling I have a little contest you might find fun while passing the miles. To give away the first autographed Mudbound I'm asking participants to name their homeplace. Once you decide on a name, write a post and sign up on the Mister Linky here.

Susie said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a great trip, Jo! Can't wait to hear about the plays!I just started "Mudbound" far, so good.

jo ellen said...

hi, susie and maggie--we're back home, tired but happy. i'll write about it later. we spent a lot of time trying to find a name for the homeoplace.